Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dark Elf Assassins: Step-by-Step painting

For my first step-by-step I have chosen to do two Dark Elf Assassins. I have chosen to do these models because they are a simple model that can have alot of detail added in to them. As this is my first attempt at this I am still working on finding the best ways to photograph the models in order to capture as much detail as possible.
The first part I started with was the skin, a technique known as working inside-out. Working with the innermost parts of the model first and working out towards the outermost parts as you progress.

Step 1: I began by creating a mid-tone by using Tallarn Flesh, adding a little water to it make it flow a little easier. A nice, even layer is best.

Step 2: After the mid-tone is dry, a wash of greatly watered down Dark Flesh was applied to the model.

Step 3: A slightly darker mid-tone was applied. A mix of Tallarn Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, and Fortress Grey; in a 2:1:1. This was applied to all but the most deep of recesses.

Step 4: The first highlight was made from a 1:1 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Bleached Bone. This was painted on the outermost areas of the fingures, muscles, and facial features.

Step 5: Finally, a last highlight of Bleached Bone. The best way to apply this is by watering it down first to reduce the pigment so that when it dries its still an obvious highlight but the tone of it is played down some.

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